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For sale: nissan s14 sr20det various parts

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Vehicle: S14a
PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:42 pm    Post subject: For sale: nissan s14 sr20det various parts Reply with quote

Greddy WJ40 fits nissan sr20det hoses for water temp sensor. 30,- eur

Nissan three bolt downpipe flange stainles steel 3". 25,- eur

1) Nismo 740cc sidefeed injectors. 400,- eur

-) Nissan z33 6 gears gearbox conversion s14/s14a. Full kit: adapter plate, bolts, gearbox with machined bell housing and relocated gearstick, custom gearbox mount, clutch cylinder, braided clutch line, through-out bearing with adapter, custom shaft, Dakota box SGI-5 speed converter. 1'500,- eur.
Current Z33 gerabox swap is sold. Can arrange another Z33 full swap uppon order.

SR20DET ignition coils 4vnt 80,- eur
Ignition coils fiskes 20,- eur

SR20DET ignitor chip su fiskem 50,- eur
Generator 40,- eur
Steering pump 40,- eur
Starter 40,- eur

2) S14 bearing hubs front+rear. All 240,- EUR

3) S14 high mount intercooler, the same as here Su kondicionieriaus radiatoriu netelp. 200,- EUR

4) SR20DET 60mm intake throttle body, without TPS, body heating removed. 20,- EUR

5) SR20DET 62 degress thermostat. 30,- EUR

6) 2 NEW units of Revotec Slimline Cooling Fans 7.5" (190mm) Sucks Air. 60,- EUR each

7) Nissan s14a 3" elbow. 60,- EUR

8 ) S14 shafts. 70,- Eur


10) SR20DET OEM manifold with 38mm WG. 100,- EUR


12) Universalus plastikiniai arku bananai. 2vnt. 30,- Eur



15) Original turbosmart supersonic bov with aluminium v-band. 150,- Eur

16) s14 rear lip fiber glass. 80,- Eur

17) Innovate TC-4 + 4egt sensors. 200,- Eur

1Cool Greddy profec b II boost controller 200,- eur

19) Exide bike gel batt, a lot of starting power, no trouble for sr20det engine. 186mm x 82mm x 171mm 19ah. 50,- eur

20) SR20DET braided turbo water AN6 and oil AN3 lines. 50,- EUR

21) Wilwood master brake cylinder 0.875 bold on ant s14. 80,- eur

22) Wilwood proportional valve. 80,- eur

23) Radium top feed injectors fuel rail, AN8, with fuel pulse damper, bolt on sr20det. 300,- eur
Deatschwerks top feed 40mm 950cc 4peaces injectors. 300,- eur
All kit 500,- EUR

24) Titanium heatshield T2 - T3. 30,- EUR

25) Sabelt GT3 fiber glass seat with homologation until 2019. 250,- eur

26) Garrett GEN2 GTX2860, almost brand new, very slightly used. 900,- EUR


2Cool Originalus Greddy sandwich plate, tinka redtop, netinka blacktop naudotas. 30,- EUR

29) Only greddy enlarged oil volume plate left, without diff. 200,- EUR.

30) Daugiasluoksne metaline sr20det ismetimo koliko/galvos tarpine. 20,- EUR

31) Nissan s14 reguliuojamos galines pakabos traukes. Komplektas 110,- EUR
Trumpos: 60,- EUR
Ilgos: 70,- EUR
Lenktos: neber

32) Nissan s14a exhaust. Home made stainless steel, flowmaster FLW13014310 and magnaflow resonators with removable silencer. Nice deep sound 300,- EUR

33) Nissan s14/s13 ilgintos traukes su antgaliais. antgaliai nekliba, standūs. 50,-EUR


35) Original LS truck coils. 4 peaces. 250,- eur

36) Tomei LSD oil, 2liters. 60,-EUR

37) SR20DET hand made chargecooler system with air/water piping. Garrett chargecooler core, AVT BOSCH 12V water pump, pump and fan controller. set by temperature. 28mm v-band bov flange. 700,- EUR

3Cool Naudotas aliuminis radiatorius. isejimai 32mm zarnokam, aukstis 430mm, plotis 410mm, storis 50mm. 40,-EUR

39) Sandtler super competition oro filtras, buvo primatuotas ir netiko, pajungimas 60mm, ilgis 125mm. 10,- EUR

40) Garrett GT2871 oro flansas (liko tik OUT flansas tas trumpesnis). 10,-EUR

41) Original TIAL MVS 38mm WG. With stainless steel flexi pipe. 200,- EUR

42) Nissan s14 priekines OEM ratu spilkos. 1vnt - 3,-EUR, 5vnt - 10,-EUR, 10vnt - 15,-EUR

43) Nissan originalus tarpiklis. Kaina 10,- EUR

44) Stainless steel 3" vband. 20,- EUR

45) Tein coilu ziedai, 2vnt, po 10,- EUR

46) Nissan S14 Driftworks CS2 coils. Bought new, used two years, very good condition. 600,- EUR

47) Nissan s14 Mishimoto 3row aluminium radiator with fan shroud and silicone hoses. 250,- EUR

4Cool SR20DET ACT 600225 lightened flywheel. Very good condition. 200,- EUR

49) SR20DET ACT NS1-XTG6 clutch. 300,- EUR

50) Aeromative a1000 FPR. 150,- EUR

51) Adaptronic select ECU Nissan S14a plug'n'play. With bonus: SSI-4 to connect all sensors, 2 pressure sensors, 2 temp sensors, 1 intake temp sensor, external 3bar MAP sensor boost control solenoid, sandwich plate to fit sensors for oil temp and pressure. 1'000,- EUR

52) 3 peaces R18x7,5 5x114,2. 100EUR

53) 8mm wheel spaces 4 peaces. 8mm thick. 5x114,3. 60,- eur

54) 15mm wheel spacers 4 peaces. 15mm thick. 5x114,3. 100,- eur

Taip pat domina ir ivairus keitimai i auksa, sidabra, sklypus, namus, automobilius, ratus, kompiuterius ir panasiai.

astuoni sesi devyni trys - viens du trys trys trys

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks! Have got my items safely delivered! Leekaataajs Yiepiieh
Silvia - One love <3
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