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nissan LSD swapi un final drive

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:58 pm    Post subject: nissan LSD swapi un final drive Reply with quote

Just thought you guys might wanna know some of this crap i've been going through so you wont.
S13 factory VLSD from any JDM car has 5 bolt output shafts and therefor wont line up with your 6 bolt axles. I have a S13 silvia diff but its currently worthless due to this problem. I tried swapping my non LSD output shafts into the diff, the splines line up but they arent long enough to hit the inside gear to make it a LSD. So I though hmmmm J30 LSD's have pretty much the same case and 6 bolt output shafts on there diffs, they should work in my R200 S13 JDM VLSD......ummmm NO! The splines are incorrect and length is still different. The only 6 bolt output shafts that will work are USDM VLSD 240sx output shafts. Finally aftering oogles of googling I found there are 3 ways to make one of these JDM S13 rear diffs work.
1. Get the 5 bolt axles with your JDM S13 diff or buy seperately.
2. Get some 300zx or infinity axles that are 5 bolt and undo the cv joint on your 240sx axles and swap out the flanges so...bam you've got your own home made 5 bolt axles.
3. Not recommended unless money isnt an option. Order the USDM 6 bolt output shfts from nissan, but just the passenger side is $200 and drivers side is $180. Thats more than you'll spend on the diff.

S14ers can directly swap to a J30 VLSD, no bullshit axle problems. S13ers can do this as well, but you have to switch diff covers and make it solid mount instead of bushing type. THe S13 uses a solid 4 bolt rear mount on the diff cover opposed to the J30 and S14 2 bolt. The S13 diff cover isnt strong enough to take movement due to the solid 4 bolt mount and weak cover therefore you must remove the front diff bushings and use steal washers or have some other way of making it solid. Also with S13's and using J30 diffs, some people say you'll need the 240sx ABS driveshaft to make up for .55in of difference in diff length due to the J30 ABS sensor in the Diff.

Finally here are your gear ratios
R200 S13 200sx(eur) MT / AT = 3.916:1
R200V S14 200sx(eur) MT = 3.692:1
R200V S14 200sx(eur) AT = 3.916:1
R200V S14, Z32 N/A = 4.083:1
R200 S13 240sx, silvia, 180sx= 4.083:1
R200V in a J30= 3.90:1
R230V Z32 turbo= 3.69:1
R200 from a certain 95-98 JDM 180sx typeX= 4.4x I believe...I know its something crazy like that
R200H S15 Helical LSD= 3.692(6MT) and 3.6:1(4AT)

R200 - Open
R200V - VLSD
R200H - Helical or Torsen.. same thing

info no:

veel info par tēmu:

For starting point stock UK 200SX S13 data

final drive is 3.916

Gear ratios
1st 3.592
2nd 2.057
3rd 1.361
4th 1
5th 0.821

Redline 7200 (limit set in ECU can be moved by mapping ECU)

tyre size 195/60R15

jebkursh spams tiks dzeests shajaa tpikaa.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vai kādam ir komentāri par R200H S15 Helical LSD ?! Konkrēti interesē kā viņš strādā "reālajā dzīvē" ?! Varbūt kādam no šejieniešiem ir uzstādīts un ir iespējams notestēt?!
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